Paulo Janela is a composer and producer hailing from Portugal who leads the one-man metal band XmafaX.

At just 12 years old, Janela started dabbling in music, beginning with the piano and eventually leading into the electric guitar. When he was 12, metal was at its prime with heavyweights like Metallica, Helloween, Anthrax, Slayer and Pantera dominating the charts. Today, Janela continued to play the guitar and keyboard in addition to other hardware including the midi keyboard and various computer programs.

When he’s not making music for XmafaX, Janela is a tax inspector, photographer, writer and author. Music acts as his hobby and continues to motivate him in all aspects of his life.

Constantly inspired by bands like Nightwish, Young Gods, Metallica and Camelot, XmafaX’s music remains unprecedented due to his unique style of mixing many genres together, from heavy metal and its subgenres to hip-hop, grunge and funk.