João Pestana - Bere’shit


João Pestana - Bere’shit

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Livro. Artelogy. 2022.

In the begining there was nothing, and all started with “Bere’shit”, and within the first word of it the poetry begun also, as the verb. The Om, the Big-Bang, the all creactions, the word, all comes from the first image of the universe. João Pestana wrote inner a quasi-psychotic poems, an anti-system and scream of playing rebellious. Any poem start with a word, and that’s what Bere’shit significance. In this poems, the author went from opposites to sounds of creation. Its a axiomatically equation of what beautiful becomes from the esthetic of a neural voice. The sequence of semantically beneath a dance ballet, the book speaks-off, it veritáti the freedom of explore the mysterious of devine, the lovefound, a princelly that all became from the first word, and Bere’shit transcross the elastically of madness, it provoques a speech of the self trough the acceptance of the verb, the Bere’shit.



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